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Software Developing

A fast growing business needs highly productive system to support its day to day tasks. A software can not only manage inside office jobs. But it can efficiently keep track out of office jobs in a far more better way than a human being in most of the cases of course. Our research says every business that upgrades to use software for its business management has at least 30% growth on its productivity. For larger business at least 20% reduction on expenses lost an manpower. Software makes sure that no work is unfinished and every work is followed up and closed properly. It makes sure that your and client is happy by reporting their complaints to you on the fly which you can take care off right on.

College management System

College Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school/college day to day tasks. This College Management Software is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents & management.

Patient Management System

Patient Management System helps Doctors to manage patient registration, disease analysis ,prescription of medicines and patients feedback. Main feature of this Software is to mark problem area in biological diagrams.

Union Management System

ERP solution coustomised especially for CITU Mankombu to manage their daily labour wage of all the labourers associated with the union. The Software consist of heavy data base function and searching techniques.