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Maargga products

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Online Matrimony

  • Complete matrimony website,Send Interests
  • Photo album, Photo Request
  • Horoscope,Easy Profiling
  • Highlighted Profiles(Home and Inner pages)
  • Admin module,Customer management
  • Plan management
  • Payment gateway,Auto email
  • SMS,Quick Search,Advanced Search
  • Admin User and Roles Management
  • Superuser Module
  • Admin office security (if needed)
  • Customization to Your needs, Full Customer Support
  • Webmail for admin users eg.
  • Live at (Design of the website will be customized as per customers requirement)
  • Webmail for admin users eg.
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College Management System

  • Admin multi admin with distributed powers
  • Course Management,Add Course,Semister and Subjects
  • Students registration for course(Distance and Regular).
  • Time Table Management,Live Class Management
  • Student Pass/Fail Management
  • Fees report,Progress Card Report, Teacher Report
  • Website visiters report
  • Teacher Student Portal
  • Online Discussion Forum, Doubt forums managed by Teachers and Professors
  • Complaints/grievances modules
  • Exam Results Publishing, Exam details and dates
  • Fee details and dates
  • Download and view notes text/audio/video
  • Messages and notices
  • SEO, SMS Integration
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Online Travel Portal

  • Domestic Flight, International Flight, Domestic Hotel, internatinal Hotel, Domestic Bus bookings and receipts
  • Customer creation, account management, payment transaction
  • Integration of Payment Gateway, Booking Engine,Report of bookings,
  • Cancellations, collection report, cancelled bookings,Ticket mailing, SMS Integratiion
  • Integration accounting all transation reflected in accounts
  • User Management to restrict user acces to data
  • Domestic & International tour Packages
  • API Integration
  • SSL integration, Email Marketing
  • Agent creation, account management, booking account recharge,cancellation reports, booking status, ticket mailing, SMS integration
  • Sub admin account, booking,cancellation booking status report, SMS Integration, Mailing
  • Admin module, agent creation, sub admin creation & handling, complete reports, booking, cancellation, refunding
  • UFacebook, Twitter ,Linkedin , Googleplus links , Currency Converter, Language Converter, Facebook integration & Marketing
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Enquiry Management System

  • Multiple user system
  • One super admin who is able to create users and give accessible power to this user.
  • Any user can feed new enquires, managers can assign this enquires to some enquiry handlers.
  • Enquiry handlers, follow up enquires assigned to them.
  • Enquiry Management System is internet based product ,So there for accessible from anywhere.
  • Every users has his own username and password
  • Managers are able to keep track of all enquires.
  • Result of every follow up should be entered with next contact date necessarily.
  • If enquiry handlers do not follow up any enquiry, it will be highlighted to managers as incomplete task
  • Enquiry has been prioritized as district wise, report wise, employee wise etc.
  • Enquiry can be close only by managers
  • Enquires can be closed as win/lose/cancelled/proposed
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly reports.
  • Reports in numbers and detailed reports
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Hospital Management System

  • Patient registration,Login
  • Book appointment
  • Easy Profiling
  • Postpond appointment
  • Patients testimonials
  • Blood Bank
  • Search for Doctor
  • Scanning report of Patients
  • Normal search
  • List of Doctors added through admin side
  • Patient can edit their profile
  • Change Password
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Patient Management System

  • Doctor Login
  • New Patient Registration
  • Update existing registration
  • Delete Registration
  • Create , Search Patient Profile
  • Upload problem area images through webcam
  • Mark diseased area in images , Disease Analysis
  • Prescription of Medicines and Measures
  • Patients Feedback
  • View Patients Case Sheet
  • View Patient Registration Record
  • Change Password
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Quarry Management System

  • Secure login
  • Employee Registration
  • Add vehicle type and their details.
  • Delete vehicle type.
  • Income and Expense settings and management.
  • Create Loading Entries date wise
  • View Billing
  • Fix Pass Price
  • Daily Reports
  • Employee expense and income reports
  • View credit/debit balance
  • Searching
  • View Daily, Weekly ,Monthly and Company reports
  • Change Password
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Mosque Management System

  • entering Janab details and Family registration ,updating and deleting
  • Paying Monthly Membership Fee including previous months pattu
  • Setting Membership Fees per year/month
  • entering Mandalam details
  • property management,Donation management
  • Income and expense setting and management
  • Day book,daily collections
  • Committee setting and member registration
  • Imam and Mosque Employees Registration ,post management, salary and attendance
  • marriage and death details and printing
  • Reports-members report,income ,expense, day book,marriage ,death, committee Imam ,employee etc
  • Change Password