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About Maargga

Maargga Web Solutions is a web software development company that provides software solutions to your needs for home or business. We have been providing best in market software solutions to manage business data and content, supplementing tasks with support software, creating and maintaining websites and web applications, providing web hosting services, and even logo designing of enterprise.

Maargga is the Sanskrit word for path. Travelling the right path that we are, we have been guided by some inspired group of individuals, working strenuously for excellence, since our inception. We have over 50 clients from the UK, US, Middle-East and India.

Team Maargga

Maargga team consist of highly motivated individuals categorised into Managers, Web Developers and Web Designers specialized in various technologies and toolsets, prime quality of them being their constant attempt to improve service by updating their knowledge and skill set through constant research on web technologies. One of the basic criteria for selection of employees is, that they should have a strong positive approach towards life, a drive to solve problems no matter how hard it may be, individuals with mindset to try and try until success is at hand.

Our Expertise:

  • Web Design & Scripting : PHP, .Net, HTML, XML, JavaScript, ActionScript etc.
  • Database : MySQL, MSSQL, MS Access, PgSQL etc.
  • Programming Languages : PHP, .Net, JAVA, ASP, ANDROID etc.

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